Worrying is it Not?

Maybe I am beginning to worry for nothing.
Maybe I am totally wrong.
Maybe I am misreading the words of these people but some how, I don’t think that I am.
Conversion Therapy.
Making nice with so called Freedom Fighters in Ottawa.
Pandering to a small portion of the people and pushing through their agenda as opposed to the vast majority of others in this country.
I am waiting to see what happens next.
Abortion is a touchy subject and one that is a business that belongs between a woman, her doctor and her partner.
This is not a subject that should be open to discussion to anyone other than those individuals.
I have not written about what has happened down in the states with the reversal of Roe v. Wade but I am alarmed that there are Conservatives here in Canada that were happy.
There are Conservatives who want to discuss how to restrict access to abortions and they and their doctors will decide who can and cannot receive medical care.
It is said that rape nd incest are not a reason to have an abortion because so rarely does it result in conception.
Letting a woman die because the ‘fetus’ has begun to develop in her fallopian tube that as it begins to grow will cause the tube to rupture.
With out immediate care that woman will bleed to death.
Make women carry children that had died in womb until the body goes into labor naturally.
Hey everyone how would you feel about carrying around a dead fetus for an extra 5 months?
That almost happened to me until I told them in no uncertain terms that they would be inducing me.
What about the parent who knows that their child has not developed what is needed to survive in the outside world?
Children whose brains never developed.
Children who will never survive more than a few minutes or hours outside the living incubator that is has been in for the last 10 months.
Children that are brought into this world unwanted.
In the ’80’s and ’90’s there were hardcore campaigns to eradicate child and women abuse.
Those abuses will begin to rise again with a derth of unwanted children who once put into the system will remain there for 18 years because they are not the right color, right sex, right age for a couple looking to adopt.
All these people who want to adopt children and yet they have an agenda.
Like they are shopping for a Christmas present.
Start to care for the approx. 63,000 children already in care before you start to tell someone how they are to treat their body.
Conversion therapy is a horrible thing.
It is when a person decides that another person’s sexual orientation, binary or non-binary, being trans are not only wrong but one does not again know what is going on in their bodies or minds.
Someone else again knows better.
Now here in Canada Conversion Therapy is illegal.
Became law early this year despite the fact that over half the Conservative MPS voted against it.
They felt it was too restrictive and charges would be laid against the parents or church leaders just having a conversation.
Conversation is one thing if it is lead by the individual who it affects not when it is lead by parents or religious leaders but if it becomes brow beating, threats etc. that is considered a part of Conversion Therapy.
Conservatives look to throw any shade they can to pander to the base that they want.
“Peaceful protest is a fundamental right in Canada, but respect for the rule of law means that illegal blockades that shut down critical infrastructure, threaten access to vital supplies, or endanger lives cannot be tolerated.”
This is a direct quote taken from then leader Erin O’Toole of the Conservative Party with regards to the Critical Infrastructure Act.
Yet when those so called Freedom Fighters descended upon Ottawa, barricaded bridges used for critical infrastructure both in Windsor, Ont and Coutts, Alberta those were not the calls you heard from the Conservatives.
You had them out walking with and talking to these idiots who believe they are for Canadians.
They are not.
You had conservatives shaking hands, encouraging these occupiers.
On paper.
In the news.
Condemnation of the legitimate government that was just elected by the people of Canada in the fall election of 2021.
That is right, the overwhelming votes went to the Liberals and the NDP and the Conservatives do not like that.
Let’s see how they react the next time that an Indigenous group blocks an infrastructure.
Will it be With smiles and claps on the back or will they be screaming for police and RCMP to break it up?
I am beginning to see a stream of media on the Conservatives and their policies given that they are in the race for the leadership role now.
None of the people running are better then the next.
They are pandering to a population that is not truly Canadian.
And yes given my political leanings a lot of what I see is negative but that does not stop me from sourcing out other news options.
And to read differing accounts of what was said, how it was said and the spin put on it by that journalist.
Overwhelmingly I see a political party so out of touch with today’s world and how we need to be more inclusive then ever to ensure that the ways of lives of all Canadians, whether first generation, or like myself, who can trace family back to arrival with Samuel de Champlain all of our histories, our diversities, our cultures, need to be protected and rejoiced in.
Differences are what make this world a beautiful place.
From harsh winters to deserts our world is amazing.
We have all come into being to protect and cherish this life and the way that we live it.
We have all come into being .
So why is it that we cannot all come together but rather like a messy family dinner with Uncle Jack peeing in the corner, Papa Pierre over there with his bible thumping, Mama Mary grinding that stripper pole while children of all colors race through the tables, screetching and screaming with laughter we continue to turn our backs on those who do not fit into our circle holes?
I am a square peg and damn proud of it!
©July 28/2
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