A New Name

I always have different names at work.

Hey you.





Just the lady that I am looking for.

I suppose that I should not complain that I am the person the customers look for when they are unable to find something. Or if they cannot remember what aisle something is in.

I have gotten so bad about it that I will overhear people talking and tell them what aisle they are looking for. I have done it when customers are asking other cashiers or employees without thought. I just know where most everything is. And if I cannot find it I will find someone who will.

Today a customer asked me for bruschetta mix and I was racking my brain trying to think where we might have the mix. I know there is nothing in grocery or at the very least almost 100% positive. We are standing next to the hummus and spinach dips and pasta and just as I am about to admit defeat I discovered I was standing right in front of it.

The best one though was on Friday. Made me smile and I do believe that I am going to get it put on my name tag.

Oh Wise One.

I love it.

July 31/22

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