A Little Ray of Sunshine

I was talking with a friend today who said well we weren’t friends back then. He was referring to high school.

Thing is he is wrong. We spent more time together in close proximity for years before that. The three years of high school are just easier to recall.

We went to Saturday school. Our catholic church’s answer to Sunday school. And I do believe we actually went from junior high through high school.

I do not judge people. Or rather I am working very hard not to but I find myself being judgemental over other people being judgemental. Does that make sense? So I am judging you for acting an ass while you made fun of, whispered about, video’d and posted on line asking for comments.

I.e. the one I saw over weekend where someone filmed a woman at a water park without her consent. The woman being video’d did not know the woman who took and posted the picture. They were at a water park and this woman took offense to the other’s bathing suit. So she filmed her and put it up asking whether or not it was appropriate wear.

Now let me tell you here and now I judged that woman hard. Not the one in the pool I could care less what she was wearing. What I was really perturbed about was how this poster felt that there was nothing wrong with taping this woman and putting that picture with the title Is this appropriate swimwear for a water park?

My first thought was are you fucking kidding me?

My second thought was if that was me that woman would be scorched with the venom and fire I would spew.

And thirdly if I never saw the woman taping me but did see the video after? I will hunt a bitch down and sue her ass.

Me being all judgy.

Now where is this all leading to? My friend and I.

Come October our graduating class is getting together to celebrate our 50th birthdays. Missed the 25th and covid canceled the 30th so here we are. I know that last time my friend went it was hard on him

Cliques like high school. People being all look what I have blah blah blah. People being all judgey. I have no interest in that.

My interest is in meeting with and seeing friends and others I have not seen in forever. People I went from grade 1-grade 12 with. And some Saturday School too.

I am curious. Some of the people I have seen on FB and while the name is one I recall the person attached to the name looks nothing like how I remember them.

Most of all I plan to go and have a fun time. My bff forever since grade 6 and I are staying at the hotel. Looking forward to a sleepover we have not had since we were 17.

I will be myself.

Loud boisterous laughter. Shenanigans. And all in all just a big party. But I will be eating some gummies to keep the anxiety at bay. I mean it has been 32 years since I laid eyes on the vast majority of those kids.

Aug. 31/22

I am Grateful for…..

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.

I spent the day hanging out with T who cooked us breakfast lunch.

I also spent Amazon gift cards from The Ex, T, his fiancee L and boys.

I cried a little entering a new decade and spent a lot of time thinking about everything…..life, love family and friends.

And I am an extremely lucky woman. I have the best co-parenting relationship not only with The Ex but his fiancee L too.

I have an amazing son who I am so proud of for being the kind and considerate kid he is.

And my friends who have loved me, stuck with me even when I go crazy and always rooted for me. Again a girl could not be any luckier than I have been.

Thank you everyone and here’s to at least 40 more. 😊😊😊💜💜💜💜💜🤣🤣

Aug. 30/22

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