Foot Update

We saw the doctor week for a check on T’s foot and to get another req so we could go and have an x-ray done. See how far along he was with the healing.

As we sat there I was a little grossed out by the fact that there is a piece of bone sticking up out of his foot. When the doctor came in and was looking at it, pressing it and prodding it I had to cover my eyes. It made me feel icky inside.

Turns out his foot has healed. But somehow in the kicking and fracturing, there is a piece of bone pressing against his skin. It will remain like that forever. Unless it bothers T and then that means surgery. Whether to remove completely or file it down would depend on how attached it was.

It really does bother me to see that piece of bone sticking out. Mom commented to T that I should have taken him to the hospital right away. He responded with it would not have mattered (as per what the doctor told me) it would have been surgery either way. And besides he is the one who really did not want to go.

Aug. 6/22

Picture is from the first day when he kicked the shin.

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