Happy Birthday to…..

Well I never!

Went in and sang happy birthday to T. He jerked awake and pulled away from me this look of utterly disgust on his face. I went to all the trouble of waking up early just to sing him a song.

Ok technically I was up much earlier because of Lucky going all territorial. Assuming a cat outside came to close to the window and she went into death attack mode. Growling like she means business.

Also I must have had a wicked night sweat right before because I woke up soaking wet. Hair. Tank top. Shorts. I was not going back to bed.

I did not go in at 4:30 I waited until 7 a.m. that has to count for something. I could have gone in at 1:50 a.m. which is the time he was born but it would not have been as much fun. He was still awake.

I cannot believe my 16″ long 3lb 15 oz baby boy is 14 today. And towering over me. There is not a day I do not look at him and be amazed at this wonderful being I have the privilege of being mom to.

He does not even realize how others see him. Does not do things because everyone else is. Cares about others.

And still tells me he loves me at the end of every voice call. Before getting out of the car at school. Before going to bed at night.

Aug. 7/22

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