In Case We Forgot

Who is a klutz? Jay is! Again.

Was pushing one of my carts into the dairy cooler when I managed to smash my hand between said cart and the cooler door. It bruised instantly.

I danced and screamed in my head. Did not swear out loud because I was in Dairy cooler. What if a customer opened door for milk and heard me? No matter the circumstances that is not good.

After icing it it was not looking good so decided to go to hospital. Should have stayed at work. 7 hours to find out my hand is not fractured but badly bruised. He wanted to give me a week off. No way nuh huh and all that jazz.

I am off til Thursday to ice and allow it to go down in swelling. There was some internal bleeding beneath the skin but otherwise I am fine.

Aug. 8/22

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