4 Days & 3 Hours

Oh yes the countdown to holidays is on. I am off tomorrow and then work Sun-Wed 8 hours. Thursday I am working a whole 3 hours. And then I am leaving work. Coming home. Getting my chair out. And sitting outside soaking up the sun. Reading. I have 5 whole days to be me. T is not home until Sunday night.

I am off for two weeks. And boy do I know that I am in need of it. I am so irritable and people are making me roll my eyes so hard I have seen the back of my head.

I had helped a lady at CS and then grabbed my lunch and my drink, came around the counter and got in line for K to quickly put me through. Her customer looks at me and says:

I want a $3.00 crossword. What is the counter closed?

Me looking at the food in my hands and saying nothing. She was annoyed that I would not get her a ticket. K told her to go around to the front and she would be right there. She just was going to ring me through. The lady looks at her and says:

I want a $3.00 crossword.

K tried but this woman was not having it. So she stood there and stared at me. I stared back and then deliberately lowered my eyes to my food. She knew damn well what she was doing. And if that woman asks for help in the next 4 days she ain’t gonna get it from me.

Twice this week I have had two boxes stolen. And I am being a tad dramatic save for the fact that customers walked off with them.

One guy had to move the candy rack out that I use as a blocker to get behind into my till. He had to put up the actual lane blocker to reach my box. Needless to say when I saw him I thought that the cashier had given it to him. She had not.

The box today was massive. I could fit almost all of an average size order into it. On the side in big black letters it says:

Curbside Pull Box. Do not give away.

No one gave it away. And it did not grow legs and walk off on its own. Tired of being filled daily. Like seriously??????

My irritability level is at an all time high now. I have tomorrow off and it is suppose to be a gorgeous day. I plan to do the cleaning early and then out I shall go. Read and roast.

Aug. 19/22

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