Where Did We Go?

I no longer know
was it you
was it I
which of us determined
that the love was gone
that we had to go
our separate lives
our own ways
sunset of time
fading away.
I can still hear your voice
lingering in my ear
I can sense your being
nestled in close to me
a haunting memory
one I wish I could rip
tear from my heart
from my mind
replace with cold emptiness.
Little comfort
will ease this ache
that never leaves
a dull pulsing
playing in my heart
on repeat.
we dreamt of a life
together for all eternity
our past and future lives
reaching out
souls forever seeking.
Good bye
with etched remorse
I sever these memories
I blanket the dreams
placed deep in crypt
never again to be seen.
©Aug. 20/22
Picture via Pinterest
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