50 Today

Today is rainy and overcast but it has been a great morning.

T finally got up around 10:30 and after some discussion and sharing the sink to brush out teeth we were off. Well as far away the car when I had to put air into the tires.

Our first stop was Sobeys. Some fruit, salad, decided on eggs and bacon for lunch. Mozzarella sticks for a snack later. Supper is going to be tacos and after supper strawberry cream pie!

T cooked breakfast and I did the clean up. The Ex and T bought me Amazon gift cards. A book, a sun/moon tapestry and moon windchimes. The balance will go towards my wish list for my Kindle.

Right now I am sitting on the couch watching Fresh Off The Boat. Anticipating both the pie and the shopping of my wishlist. Today has been a good day.

Aug. 29/22

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