Sunshine & Books

Day 3 of gorgeous weather. Figured that I would post quickly.

A wonderful friend of mine in high school recently published her memoir. The tale is of how she and her husband met to his fight and ultimate loss to cancer. I have ordered it and will receive it on Monday.

I already have read the book as I was H’s alpha reader. And I am so proud of her and the job that she has done. It is amazing. She is at work I believe on her second book and I cannot wait to read it.

When I was younger I would be so envious of the fact that she wrote a memoir and I have yet to lift a finger. Now I celebrate her success and only wish and want more success to find her. She deserves it with all the hard work that she has put into it.

This is a teaser for y’all.

Monday I will post the book when it arrives. Unveil it you may say.

Sept. 1/22

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