What is Wrong With You?

Lots of things. That could have been my answer. Instead I just laughed because really it is a very good question.

T and I were having lunch together on the couch when I took a swig of my water. It tasted a little funny. I thought maybe because I was drinking out of a plastic cup and the water had warmed up. I decided rather then going to test the brita water again I would nag at T to bring the bottled water down and put it in the fridge instead. That whole conversation is a whole other post.

We were getting ready to leave for his dad’s when T went to get a glass of water. I had told him earlier that I had changed the brita filter not that long ago when he found the third unopened one. I have already used two of said filters. He looks at the filter in his hand and then at me.

Mom you did not change the filter I have it right here.

That is third of three pack. I just used #2.


He goes to get water out of the fridge and I wait for him to take a sip or two.

Does it taste green to you?


Yeah. The water? Does it taste green?

Mom why are you tasting colors? Do you mean like lake water?

Yes like algae, I could not remember the word.

T shook his head and I laughed.

Tasting color. I never thought of it like that before. But it did taste like that. Green.

Sept. 4/22

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