Farts Are Good

I went to see my doctor today and had another x-ray done. He is pretty sure that it is fractured. I will know for certain in a day or so.

This was the text I sent to my boss boss L:

I went in for another x-ray. He believes it is fractured and should have results tomorrow or Thursday. He said rest it more and returning to work on 20th is fine. I will have to be careful. Not run into any walls or coolers. You know in other words bubble wrap 😁😁

Hoping that he gets the joke.

I also was given some news that threw me for a loop. Not a life or death situation at all but also something I was not expecting. I am still processing and I will not receive any confirmation for a week or two.

When T got home from school today we chatted about his day. I am going to miss this next week when he is at his dad’s. Today our conversation some how went to climate change and cow farts.

Well I looked it up and that lead to my reading some of the questions others have asked. There were some I could not stop laughing over.

Can you fart in your sleep and not know it?

What is it called when you fart through your mouth?

Those two had me in tears. And I really needed that. I thanked T for making me laugh so hard and he looked at me. I smiled and said I just really needed that today.

Farts and laughter never get old. 🤣🤣🤣💨💨💨

Sept. 13/22

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