There’s 4?

T was standing in the kitchen and we were chatting back and forth. Suddenly he bursts out:

To Infinity and Beyond!

Me: There’s 4

T: 4? I know there is 1 and 2 but 4? What are you doing that it is called 4?

Me (gasping): There’s 4 (dissolve into laughter.)

We went back and forth a bit. Me laughing and sputtering 4 and T staring at me like I am crazy. Finally I got it out.

Me: 4th movie of Toy story.

T looks at me with raised eyebrow.

Me: In response to you saying To infinity and beyond. Buzz Lightyear?

T shook his head.

Earlier I was trying to talk him into doing a more up to date documentary on the Canadian provinces. They had watched one today in Social Studies. It was created in 1997. 25 years ago. There have been changes.

He felt it was too much work. I then made a comment about rising waters and Manitoba being ok because the water would never reach us. T stared at me like I had grown another head.

As I said and he agreed there is never a dull conversation when I am around.

Sept. 14/22

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