All you did
was tear down
rip apart
make others feel so little
while you
pretended to be so much more
if only so you could feel for a little.
You destroyed lives
had hoped to be spared
the demon’s seed.
How could you fuck me up like this?
How could you have looked upon
so small a child
and thought this was ok to do?
It is the other shoe dropping
that one last burn from the grave
one last time you think you’re going to win
but you won’t
because I have driven in the knife
I have sheared that fear
I have lanced that rage
neither help me
and I am so very much stronger
then as a child
when you ripped my world asunder
turning me from bright eyed brownie
to sullen teen.
If you were still alive
spitted you would be
over roasting fire
hell’s flames roaring
pitchforks pricking
I would make you bleed
in a thousand different ways
though not a one
will ever make up
what you have done to me.
©Sept. 17/22
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