I Ain’t Young Any More LOL

Sooooooooooooooooooooo tired.

Although I was home by ten when I put supper in I realized it had to cook for an hour. I was okay with that sat down to relax and wait. Read emails. Unwind. But that meant I did not get to bed until close to midnight. And I was back to work at 7 this morning.

It is a good thing that I had mentioned last night that there was no one in at 7. I went and got the tablets. Unplugged them and turned them on. And that was it. Frozen. Unable to reboot. One stuck in download mode without downloading anything. As Logan the tech is talking to me I make a smartass comment that I know what down is. His response killed me because actually down is up and up is down. Not even trying to pull anyone’s leg here. I even said to him really? Whose idea was that one???

We got the one working and I proceed with my day. The other tablet never saw the light of day today. Here is to hoping that the tech came out and when I go into work tomorrow they will both be working. Because only having one tablet makes signing people up so much more difficult unless we want to use our phones.

I am back in tomorrow for 7 again. Probably going to be asleep by 8. My eyes are getting gritty and tired. I am sorta squinting at the screen. Good night everyone hope that Friday was an awesome one for you. 🙂

Sept. 23/22

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