Deep Breath In

There is that one person.

The one who is tech challenged. Who does not want to hear a word that I say even though it is something to do with Scene+

First time she looked at me blankly.

Second time the crease begins.

Third time she begins to nod her head.

Fourth she appears to have gotten it.

But she did not.

Then I have to come back and explain more information.

I explained it once and went right over her head.

Finally I just walked away.

Customers were coming to tell me the internet was down and they could not be registered.

Do you have a box #?


Do you have a physical address?


Did she ask you?


Back to the table we go and once more I explain what she needs to do. And once more when she does it the way that I have now told her umpteen dozen times it works to register the customer.

I walked away shaking my head. Sometimes it is better to keep the mouth shut and the thoughts to myself.

Sept. 26/22

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