He’s So Busy

I am not allowed to post pics of T on line any more without his permission. And as much as I love to brag on my kid, I also must respect his wishes. He is such a handsome boy not sure why he wants to hide his face.

Next week at school is innovation week. I got an email. I read the email. I understood that T’s day was Oct. 18th. That is as far as I got. Today I received an email from his Auto Body Try A Trade teacher that T will be spending the whole day on the 18th with him. This letter went out to all the parents of students in this class.

I mention this to T and what I thought was going to be a small chat turned into a massive discussion of Innovation week. And that he has no idea what is going on. It is only a week. Why does he have other things during other weeks? What is going on? Why has no one emailed him about the classes?

Finally I threw my hands up and said that I did not know anything. I know he is doing this project in Auto Body class. I know he is going to the legislature and The Forks Oct. 25th. And somewhere in there they are also going to the bowling alley one day. I never got to do this at all. In high school it was all classes. No fun.

Even grade 9 we sure as heck did not do anything like this.

I looked over at my little boy and saw a young man standing there. I said to him you are very busy now. His response I’m in high school now.

He and his buddy J went to the after school Workout Club and enjoyed it. It meets Tuesday and Thursdays.

And yet I still am not allowed to date. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Oct. 13/22

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