Who Would Guess?

Went to Walmart today to pick up a few things that I can’t get at work. Some paint. Different epsom salts. Socks. When I got to the front the self checkouts were teeming with people so I decided that I would wait in line.

Also I was annoyed with T. He was suppose to be with me. However he ignored me and I got ticked and left. I was in no real hurry to get home. I wandered down to the other two tills. One had an older woman and a large order she was trying to bag up. The other a few smaller orders.

The woman was actually one of our regular customers so when someone left because they felt that she would take too long, I moved over into line behind. her. Waited until she was almost all packed up before I put my items on the belt.

The cashier was not quite so patient and scanned my first item before she was moving away from the till. I moved forward to the till and started to bag my items. The cashier was saying nothing.

Me: Hi how are you today?

Cashier (startled): I am good thank you.

Me: And did…..you would never guess I was in retail. I just about asked you if you had found everything alright.

He chuckled and I paid. Walked away chuckling to myself.

Now it was time to go and grocery shop. I knew I needed a few things but other then that J mostly wandered around the store. Looking at things and going back for items I remembered I wanted. One customer stopped me and asked me where the dried beans were.

I looked at her. Looked at my cart and blinked a bit. Then told her.

Another customer stopped me and even looked into my cart. Made a comment about me shopping and then proceeded to ask me a question. I was like are you serious in my head. But my face remained pleasant.

As he walked away a third customer walked by me and in a voice that was designed to carry remarked: Even when you are NOT working some people thing you are.

Some of my customers are awesome. 🙂

Oct. 15/22

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