It’s Easy To See


On Netflix.

A movie about Marilyn Monroe.

I had seen some headlines that watchers were turning them movie off in droves. Finding it difficult to watch. And I can understand why.

This Marilyn is portrayed as broken. Caught between the dreams of how others saw her and the reality that she lived in. She is constantly seeking for adulation and love that forever seems to slip out of her fingers.

It is not an easy watch. Not in the least.

And if one can put aside the illusion of perfection that Marilyn Monroe has always been portrayed as, it is easy to see another facet of her, broken, scared, alone, used and abused.

How could no one see what was happening? How is it possible that she fell so far between the cracks? It is a story that we can only guess at. A story we will never have a proper ending to.

Oct. 16/22

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