I’m So Happy

On Saturday during my trip to Walmart I came across 4′ and 6′ folding tables. Which I have been keeping an eye out for. But I did not feel like carting the table around with me.

Yesterday it nagged at me. This morning too. So of I went to check out the price. Of course by the time I arrived at Walmart I had made my mind up. I was going to buy myself one.

I headed straight to the back and once more crouched down to see if I could find the price. I could not find but I did not care.

When I got to the front I did not pay attention until my cashier told me the amount. I was not sure if I heard her so I leaned back and looked.

Turns out that before taxes it is $49.99. I was so excited. I may even go back and get another one.

When I got home I spent an hour rearranging thr living room. Set the table up. Moved my plants. Moved my canvases to the table. And now I sitting and relaxing.

The beginning of my week without T.

Oct. 17/22

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