It Caught Me?

I was feeling awesome this morning. Cheerful. Got to work. Ate my banana and Cliff Energy bar. Later I bought 6 Reese’s Stuffed cups for the points and shared them out with the rest of the front end. Ate mine. Went to go and pull my order.

It came out of the blue. The waves of nausea. Making me stop as I tried to assess if I was going to throw up or not. Then my head felt fuzzy. I talked to K and she told me it sounded like what she had. Which she had gotten from J. She told me I could go home but I was suppose to have a coffee date this evening and I did not want to cancel.

However, the way I feel I did not stay at work. Had to reschedule my coffee until tomorrow. As long as I am feeling better. Hoping that maybe it was something I ate or some 24 hour bug.

Oct. 19/22

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