Sunday Relax

I know most people would not find moving the living room around for the second time this week fun. Not me. I was not happy with the arrangement I had come up with on Monday.

I spent the morning relaxing and did 45 minutes on the glider. And felt great. I did not push myself hard. Slow and steady while I watched Sandman on Netflix. Then breakfast.

I decided that I needed to adjust the living room set up. It was not feeling right. So I moved the couch. And the table. And the bookcase t.v. stand. And the workout equipment.

As I cleaned I realized that I had not bought anything for T’s school lunches for rhe first half of the week. I played over what I had and came to the conclusion that a trip to the grocery store was needed.

Given I was going to the mall I decided that I would also go to Dollarama for some more canvases.

The Manitoba government is providing a financial affordability payment for those with children. For those making less then $75000. For seniors. The amounts vary. For myself it was $250. And it was in the mailbox today so I also stopped at the bank.

Maybe I did not need to buy 4 different types of cereal. Or the sausages. Or the cookies. And probably the cashews. But I need to feed the giant who is my son.

After getting home I put the dishwasher on. Flaked on the couch. And then decided to have a nice hot relaxing bath. With Zen Epsom salts and lavendar bubble bath.

My evening is progressing nicely. I have primed three canvases. Catching up on Bob’s Burger, The Simpsons and Family Guy. Cuddling with Thomas. Waiting for T to get home. And a week with him makes my heart sing. ❤️

Oct. 23/22

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