It Wasn’t Me

I recently discovered that we have some new employees at work. They love to cause shit and disappear. Their names? It Wasn’t me and I Don’t Know.

I thought that at work with adults this would not be an issue. But you would be surprised at how many adults will lie and twist their words instead of owning up to the truth.

Saturday there was a conversation with the night crew about over stocking shelves. FIFO (First In First Out). Hiding stock behind other items. Hiding stock two rows over. Which is when It Wasn’t Me made his first appearance.

None of the night crew would do this. No it must be the day staff. Obviously it is not the day staff as I work with them. We all bitch about the same thing. Mis-shelved product. Expired product. Which left according to the grocery manager the evening crew. The young guys.

Now here is my thought: This is your department. This is an on-going problem maybe you should work with your evening staff. Train them properly. Not leave their training to the other kid working. Like sheesh. Am sure too that the kids were like It Wasn’t Me. Thing is I face and clean shelves every day. I know when there is stock and when there is not. If the shelf was empty yesterday but is full today it came in on the night truck. But It Wasn’t Me took the blame.

After this little impromptu meeting I was walking up to the front and the song by Shaggy ‘It Wasn’t Me’ kept playing over and over in my mind. Now it is not the same situation at all, given Shaggy’s song is about getting caught cheating however the refrain was It Wasn’t Me.

Monday morning I went to hang up my jacket and unlock my back door. Oddly enough it was already unlocked. I locked it before leaving on Friday. I checked it again on Saturday still locked. Perturbed enough that I did not even take my jacket off, I went to the cash office where K was with two of the guys who would have keys to my back door and that was when I was introduced to I don’t know.

Now granted they were in the middle of a panic situation (one which when I heard about it was utterly flabbergasted at the sheer stupidity of the people involved) so I Don’t Know quickly took responsibility.

Reality is this is not the first time that I have found my door unlocked. And while the likelihood of someone knowing the trick of how to open that door from the outside is so so small to be negligible I do not want it to be my door that someone comes in through. So I went to Boss Boss and brought it to his attention.

He then brought it up in the manager’s meeting where it turns out I Don’t Know has multiple siblings in attendance. Now there is an investigation on to discover who I Don’t Know is.

I shall keep you informed. I mean really the store is benefiting from the unpaid labor of our new employees maybe they will keep them around.

Oct. 25/22

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