Sometimes I Am Goofy

When I got to work today C came to me and said that she wanted to get some pictures of me. One where I am pulling the order and another one where I am taking the order out. This is for our Facebook page and to promote Curbside.

I did not have any orders to start my day so I was at my till stickering my Visa gift cards. I bought 6 Reese Piece Stuffed cups and gave out one to each of my co-workers including myself. I ran upstairs to give K hers and then they paged me. My regular Wednesday customer was calling in her order.

I called C to let her know that I was going to be pulling an order and did she want to come along? I waited for her and off we went to produce. I was joking around with her that I wished she had let me know and I would have worn a little make up. Which is when C said to me that she could wait.

I told her that I did not think that R would be all that pleased if I asked to go home and put make up on for the pictures. C looked at me and started to laugh. I was a little perplexed until she gasped out she had meant she could wait for another day.

We died. Laughing so hard. Had tears in my eyes. We were still laughing while I was picking the mushrooms for my customer. She called me to look at her and took one picture. I did not see it so I can only hope that it was good.

I was still chortling as I headed towards K & A. I asked them if they would like to hear something funny. And of course they did. It took me a little bit because whenever I began to tell I would collapse into a gale of laughter. Had to cross my legs I was laughing so hard. And I was afraid I was going to pee my pants. Damn weak bladder gotta work on those.

Today was an amazing day. I laughed. K and I had these huge talks and both of us grew today. I am really proud of all the hard work we are doing on ourselves.

Oct. 26/22

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