Art Day

I spent most of my morning, well from 9:30 until 12 painting. Adding colors. And becoming inspired by a color I never thought would appeal. But it inspired a psychedelic feel in me. So will be doing a series with the one color and as yet undertermined other colors. But there will be blue.

The top is the finished picture. I need to create a panel for either side. The middle picture had the glint of sunlight which lead to me adding the gold to the finished piece. The bottom was what I began with this morning.
I am still trying to decide which way to hang them. Side by side or over top.

I am still working on the top one. I am looking at it as I type and some color seems to be needed soon.

I am also working a lot with my Isis Oracle cards and there is a lot of swirling thoughts darting around. My life is opening and flowing. My mind is forever working to put pieces together.

I am happy.

Oct. 29/22

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