Grocery Store Etiquette 101

I had something happen today that has not happened to me before.

I had my jacket on. My coffee and creamer in my arm. My phone out and in my hand. I was checking a message I had received.

My sixth sense suddenly kicked in and I looked up. A lady was angling towards me.

C: Sobeys lady where is……

Cannot recall what she asked for. I do recall staring at her and blinking my eyes rapidly. It took all my self control not to look down at myself, my jacket, the groceries in my arms, phone and back to her, but I instead answered her question.

People. I get you want your questions answered, but this would be like me seeing you shopping and asking you a question about your job. While you were not working. Most people I guess do not understand that.

Dec. 1/22

Thank you Michelle for the brilliant idea.

Picture via Pexels Free Photos

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