My Voice

With each passing hour
each passing minute
each passing year
the pain becomes a pressure
no release
all I can feel
is its smothering embrace
wanting to release
wanting to feel no more.
Stand upon the brink
wind in my hair
I hear the drums calling
I hear the eagles screaming
I hear my ancestresses
calling me back from the brink
encouraging me to stay
for without my voice
so shall they remain voiceless
never found
all my sisters.
When I step back
no release
after blow
battering my soul
but without my voice
they will go uncalled.
I will fight.
I will stand firm…..
in the face of abuse…..
in the face of ignorance….
in the face of ingrained racism…..
My voice will call.
My voice will scream.
My voice will become theirs.
Screams heard.
Torture felt.
There will be a reckoning;
this I promise
as I raise my voice
for all of them.
I am watching Three Pines on Prime. It is based on a series of books written by a Canadian author Louise Penny. A mystery series. I have not read any of the books however the first is now on my wish list and a sample is ready to be read. The first two episodes introduces us to the main character Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. As well as his team. And the junior who was sent by her chief (she was one town over) to ‘learn from the best.’ I have to say that I really like the way the actress portrays her.
I would recommend checking out the show if able to get it on your Prime. I understand it can be different from country to country.
The last scene is what inspired this poem.
I cried, a hole in my heart. I cannot fathom the pain that these families feel. A constant pressure, becoming a dull ache but there is no closure. There is no ‘knowing.’ If I was given one wish it would be for all these missing and murdered women to be found and brought home. To give their families the closure they need.
When there is no knowing, when there is no care, it is a continuation of generational trauma.
It needs to end.
We need to pay attention.
We need to do better.
©Dec. 2/22
Picture via Pinterest
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