Always There

Silver dreams

And chains of gold

Wrapped ’round




Lead me

Parade me

On bended knee

I shall serve you

Giving my all

Receiving your all


We are united.

No one knows

No one understands

The dignity

The respect

The love

The push to do better

Be better

All to benefit my growth.

Without you

My life would be so bleak

I would be lost

For you bring to me

A silence in the storm

A safe haven

A singular place

For me to be me.

I love you with my entire soul.

I serve you with my entire being.

I try not to look ahead

I work hard not to digress

For a day will come

When no more will we be

And my heart breaks

For I  do not know how to be…..

Without you.

©Dec. 8/22

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