It Wasn’t Me

T was a little miffed with me today that I showed up at 2:30 to pick him up. For a dentist appointment that I did not make. Yes you read that right, I took lunch and my last 15 so I could go and get him from school. Had to ask for directions from two very nice young ladies. Who looked at me a little askance when I first asked how to get to the office. Turns out the 9/10’s have their own office and the 11/12’s have a separate one.

The ex if any of you recall continuously complained that I scheduled T’s dentist appointment on his week. That he wanted to do it. I was all for it. Even sent L three months worth of my calendars that show whose week is whose. And I promptly forgot about it. Until last week when I got the week out reminder for his appointment.

At first when I glanced at it I thought oh I better shoot L a text to remind her. Then it dawned on me the date and I went back to check. Sure enough it was for today. And I had not made that appointment.

I drove that point home over and over and over again. That I was not the one to make this appointment. And it turned out that it was for his last two fillings. He groaned and I left him and went back to work. Yesterday they had reminded me that there was a cost and I messaged the ex to let him know his share.

After the appointment I went back over (the dental office is right across from work) to pay the bill. I was not looking forward to it because the total was slightly over $100. Imagine my surprise and delight when they informed me I had a credit on my account (who gets credit at the dentists? Me!) and asked if I wanted to use it. Well hello, of course I did and my bill was reduced to $21.00 and change.

Messaged the ex when I got home to let him know the good news. I had said no worries about the dentist and the credit. He messaged back to ask how much he owed me. I though he would understand the no worries about the dentist meant he did not have to pay this time. Apparently not. So I had to spell it out. No money required this time around. He gets a freebie.

Dec. 9/22

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