Fastest Facer

I was on cash Wednesday due to the fact that mom was coming home. First time in 20 years she is home for Christmas. And with an eta of 6:18 p.m. I could not work my usual 8:30-5. Instead it was 7-3:30.

The days have not been as busy as it was on Monday and pretty much I was ridding my thumbs thinking to myself where are all the people? I expected it to be busier. I mean only 3 days til Christmas Eve. Suddenly I get paged to call our manager.

So I did. He wanted to know if it was busy. That the reason I was in checkout 2 was because I could do everything. 不不不不不

And then he said and this put a smile on my face: I need my fastest face.

Me. I am the fastest facer. I do it enough I should be. So I faced. Aisles 9 & 8, 6-2. Did not get to aisle 1. And one of the girls faced aisle 7 so I could skip it.

Also I received an email Tuesday from one of my customers thanking me for my customer service and cheerful nature throughout the year. Made me smile.

Dec. 23/22

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