A New Addition to the Resume

Well for a terrifying moment Wednesday evening, I became a stunt driver.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Please allow me to explain.

My fear about driving to get mom at the airport was having to drive inside the city. It was not as bad as I feared. The highways home were clear. I was feeling confident. We were heading into the homestretch. No more than 5 minutes from home.

The light turned yellow and I stepped on the brake. And began to slide. I tried to correct and shot up one curb into the snow before cranking wheel too hard and went flying across and up along the snowbank on the other side.

As I saw the plume of snow in the air my thought was ‘okay I am going to flip the car.’ But by some great miracle, I came back down on all 4 wheels. We pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot and T and I got out of the car to inspect for damage.

I began to giggle (shock) and T looked at me like I was crazy. Informed me that just because there was no body damage that did not mean the suspension might not have taken a hit. We bent down to check under the bumper and it had been pushed in a vee shape. Drove home and got everyone into the house.

I looked out the window when I was closing the blinds and realized my car was on an angle. I hollered at T to come here and look. He confirmed what I was seeing so I sent him out to double check. When he came back in he told me that the tire had gone flat.

Grabbed my air compressor and out we went. I apologized a few times for almost killing us. T kept telling me that I had not nearly killed us. That it was okay.

Me: I did handle that pretty well though didn’t I?

T (with a sideways grin): You actually did mom.

No better praise is there?

Thursday morning there was a delayed reaction. I cried. The ex came and looked at the tire said the wheel was bent in three places. He may or may not be able to fix it.

Merry Christmas.

Dec. 24/22

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