Grocery Etiquette 103

This is actually 103 and 104.

Monday I am in the aisle helping grocery as they were short staffed. I am happily putting out the order in my own world when a customer walks up to me:

Oh you look just like a woman who needs a kitchen.

I looked at him, looked at the noodles in his hand and said:

Don’t ask me about making soups I don’t do that type of stuff in the kitchen.

He looked at me. Looked at the noodles in his hand and walked away.

Tuesday I was standing in line at checkout 2. Food in one hand. Drink in the other. I was talking with the cashier about to put my food down when a customer walks up and in front of me. Puts her items down.

I stare at the back of her head. Desperately chewing on my tongue so that nothing scathing erupted from my mouth. My eye lids rapidly blinking and I am staring at my co-worker in disbelief. She looks at the customer and says:

I will just take Jay-lyn before you. She was here first.

Customer looks at me and says:

Oh I did not know you were in line.

I said nothing because what do I say?

Are you blind or just ignorant? Entitled? My usual response of no worries remained firmly tucked behind my teeth.

I am not about to start dismissing bad behavior because you are not thinking. Apparently being a customer myself is not allowed.

Dec. 30/22

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