Lit Up

I laid down at 12 for like 15 minutes. Or rather that was the intention. It was just after 2 when I woke up.

I rolled out my yoga mat and lay down to meditate. I am not very good at it. I think I may need to find a guided practice to start with.

Thursday’s exercises have my leg muscles aching. When I stretch there is a bit of a ache but not as much as in the thighs. Next 20 minute set is core workout will let you know how that one feels.

I rearranged the living room. Using the table from my Amma as my t.v. stand. The bookcase that I was using as t.v. stand is now my plant and knick knack, paint supplies, candles, incense, etc. stand.

I moved my painting table down, more centered and a little further away from the wall so I can close the curtains without a struggle. Only the two vined plants are on the table. Smack dab in thhe middle so they get the day sun light. Each end there is enough room for the cats ok Loki and Lucky, Thomas is a bit awkward climbing, to still get into the window.

I feel good. My space is cleaned and energy is positive. I have been painting. Working with my cards. Reading. Listening to music.

And I don’t work until Tuesday. 😊😊

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