A Few Of My Favorite Things

For Christmas another gift I ordered myself was a box of crystals. What I neglected to order was a tray or box to put them in. The box they came in was just that a box.

The other day while I was out and about I decided to make a stop at Dollarama. They usually have cute little boxes and trays I figured I would find something. And I was not wrong.

While initially I was disappointed that I could find neither a box or tray I did happen to discover cute little treasure chests. Of which I should have bought two not just the one. I will be going back for another one when I go to work.

I also purchased two black candle stick holders before Christmas. Did not realize that I grabbed one round based and one squared based holder. I may or may note replace them. Allowing for a bit of oddity.

The candles themselves are the Deepest Black Sandalwood. Dollarama find will let you know re smell.

My Christmas stuffies. I have decided there is no point in putting them away so I created a corner for them. They get to watch the room. And I am not taking the lights down.

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