Standing Up For Myself

When my hands get cold they ache. A lot. And with the problem in my right thumb/fatty part of my hand, my right elbow and shoulder, I try to avoid spending any time in the freezer. Or working in the freezers on the floor.

I finished facing the store in record time and was told that I could work on back stock. I was just loading up the dolly when the grocery manager asked me if I was able to help out. Always looking to add even more variety to my day I said yes.

I was asked to take down two ends. Work what there was onto the shelf in the aisle, rest put to the back. Well I was working on the one end, another co-worker went and tore down the other one I was going to work on.

Job done I went back to doing the back stock. As I was going for lunch the grocery manager again came to me and asked if I could give them a hand. And then he said that he needed the freezer ends done.

And I said that with my hands I would rather not work in the freezer. He said ok and I apologized but the last time I worked in the freezer my fingers ached for hours. I had to take Motrin.

While I was on lunch I told K what transpired. And asked if it was okay.

And that was when she said something that surprised me because I had never would have thought of it like that.

K: Jay, look at you standing up for yourself. Setting boundaries. Before, being a people pleaser you would have done it anyways. Instead you said no. For your health.

As I said, I did not even think of it like that. But K saw it right away. Look at the two of us growing and learning together.

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