Two nights now I have meditated myself to sleep.

Sunday night T woke me up, and all I could recall was a male figure in my mind. 10 minutes was the guided meditation and it knocked me out. At one point as I was breathing and listening a thought wafted through my brain ‘I wonder if I am breathing right?’ And then the woman explained how to breath.

Monday night I do not even think that I made it 2 minutes in before I was asleep. I woke up at the 10 minute mark when the voice changed from female to male. Again the male figure but when I opened my eyes, above me, I saw leaves in a bowl shape curve-just the front part. And I knew they were leaves because they were green. Which I could see in the dark.

I switched the phone off and rolled over.

Much like Sunday night, Monday night I slept so very well. Whereas Monday morning I woke up and got out of bed, Tuesday morning I remained in bed until 5:45. I was not really sleeping more like dozing.

I need to find myself a guided app that I can download. The one I did download has some free but no longer than 2 minutes. I am not thrilled about that. So delete. I will keep using Spotify unless I can find something on Iheart Radio.

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