I Forgot…..Ooops

I had one last customer pick up at 4:30.

Well actually the order was supposed to be picked up at 5 but they arrived early. Which I had no problem with.

As I was on the phone I noticed a customer standing at a big till with flowers. I was heading up the aisle talking to my customer when I saw the florist and I doubled back to grab the other customer.

I told the customer I would be right out with the order. Hung up and grabbed the customer with the flowers. I took him over to floral at the same time that the florist came in and I started to rattle things off when I realized another man was there. He graciously let my customer go ahead saying that he had actually been there first.

I tandemed with the florist and helped the customer through.

I then headed to the front because it was busy, grabbed two customers and put them through. Helped someone else at Customer Service. Things settled down and I began to walk back to the aisle I had been working in when it hit me.

Oh Fuck!!!!!!!

I had forgotten about my customer.

I ran to the back, got my jacket and put it on as I went to the freezer to get the frozen items. Then to the cooler to get the cart. Went flying outside, well as fast as I can go, backing down off the step with the cart. I trundled over to the car and smiled at the customer picking up the groceries.

I apologized and said that I had been helping customers. Thankfully the gentleman picking up the order is also a regular customer and he laughed.

That is what happens when you are so proficient.

We loaded up his car and I thanked him. Told him to stay warm with the cold weather we have moving through. Waved to another customer as I was going in the door.

I let the door slam shut behind me. Locked it up. And giggled.

Proficiency wins again.

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