Car Fairies

It was -40 Thursday morning. Damn cold anyway you look at it.

Standing at the window I hit the command start and waited. It tried once. The lights flashed. But it did not start. It tried it again. I was beginning to panic a wee bit. Lights flashed. The car still did not start.

I was putting my jacket on, gearing up to go outside when the rear lights lit up, exhaust started flowing through the morning air. I decided to let it run a full 15 minutes to let the battery warm up.

Before I left I ran it for another 10.

The blast of air that encompassed me as I stepped out the door would have made a polar bear sit up and notice. I opened the car door and put everything in. I stepped back and moved to unplug the car.

Which was not plugged in.

My car started at -40 without being plugged in. My car fairies must have been working overtime Wednesday night.

***Picture is evening Temperature***

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