What An Adventure

As you can see, the distance from my home to the dealership is not far. According to the map, 3 minutes to get there. I know exactly where it is. I know exactly how to get there without any issues. Right?

Friday morning K called me from work and asked if I could pick her up at Ford on my way to work. She needed to drop her vehicle off. I said absolutely and that if she left at 7:50 we should meet up at the same time.

I was thinking over what I had said to K and realized that if she hit all the lights, she would beat me and have to wait so I started the car and got ready to leave.

Left the parking lot. Doing fine. Pulled into the gas station so I could turn around and be able to go straight across instead of trying to wait for a break in traffic. This intersection has no turning lights and a Tim Hortons Coffee/Donut shot on the corner. It can be quite the nasty snarl if one is not careful of the time one leaves at.

Cross the street and down I go to First street and the stop sign. I turn left. Down to next stop sign. Still doing awesome. And that is when things began to go sideways.

Here comes the small road I am to turn down. Takes me down to Main Street. I am driving up and this guy in a telephone truck slowly drives by me going the opposite way. And he is staring at me. I thought nothing of it until I realized that I had in fact pulled into the telephone truck yard. No wonder he was looking at me funny.

Turn around and head back to First Street. Turn Right and find Wilson street. The wee little lane I need to get to Main Street. It is now five minutes into my ride. On what is a 3 minute ride.

I get to the stop sign and check. Traffic is coming but I am able to pull out quickly and voila, there is the dealership. I pull in, think that it looks a little empty and where is K? I pull into service parking and put the car in park. I look around and go to pull my phone out when…..this isn’t Fairway Ford is it? I quickly peek at the sign and nope I had turned in at Steinbach Dodge.

I laugh to myself and reverse. It is now 10 minutes since I left home. If I had gone straight to work I would have been there already. I drive up the 700 feet from one dealership to the next, and pull in. I park next to a car and am about to get out and see if I can spot K when she comes out.

She hops into the car and off we go. I am telling her about my adventure and she is dying laughing. I was too.

What a start to our Friday morning.

March 1/23

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