I was Aware Part 1

This morning I had planned to go to the car wash at 7 when it opened. Get in and out before the line ups began. I had my coins and everything, the only problem, I kind of forgot the plan. It was 7:49 a.m. when I remembered and after a few moments of back and forth arguing with myself I decided that I would go over.

I started the car. Drank a little bit more of my coffee. Checked the temp to see if I needed my jacket or not. Then debated whether or not I would really need it. Car. Car wash. Car. Home. But what if…..

I wore my jacket.

Left the parking lot and turned into the parking lot.

I am a little amused and sidetracked.

I thought that I would give you an idea of of close Co-op is. So I Google Mapped the distance.

Driving takes 3 minutes. Not. But the map thinks so. Do drive with these directions I would have to drive through people’s yards.

Two minutes to walk. I would have to walk to the end of my drive way walk to the corner, turn the corner, walk passed the first drive entrance down to the second one, enter there and then walk back to the front of the store.
This shows me taking my bike again through people’s yards to the back of the gas station. So I would have to cycle to the front of the place.
The view from my stoop to the Co-op next door. If the fence was not there we could drive straight over. No need for it to take me 3 minutes. Takes less then a minute. LOL

I think that I will leave the story at this point…..

This is just to amusing not to share first. 🙂

March 4/23

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