Couvade Syndrome

This syndrome is when a partner/best friend shares in someone’s prgnancy. Generally it occurs around the 3rd trimester and requires a lot of empathy.

Empathy I have in spades. But K and I, our systems have merged somehow and I have taken on some of her symptoms. Weird cravings, that seem to have settled for me. Mood swings all over the place. Crying over small things.

And now the latest…..nausea.

For those of you who think I am full of it. I hope that this never happens to you.

K was feeling really sick on Sunday evening and felt fine yesterday morning.

I, while feeling fine, suffered some of the worst nausea that I have had in a while. And it rolled over me. Given that I never had morning sickness with T this is not something I am pleased to be sharing.

K figures that if this keeps up, then I will get half her labor pains, making it much easier on her. I told her if that happened I was going to be an unhappy bestie. And I better get a contact high from the drugs she gets.

March 7/23

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