I’m Beginning to Worry

Gasp! Jay worry? What could possibly cause this disruption to her general sunny disposition and gentle demeanor?

I will tell you.

Today is audit day at work. And I do Front End, Meat, Seafood, Produce and HMR. I was doing my thing, everything went well in Front, Meat and Seafood. The issue was when I went into Produce.

I did my checks in the department and grabbed the Infra-Red to go and do my temp checks. Checked a few items, pulled one off that was a little high in temp and went back to the department.

I put my clipboard down and filled a bucket up with sanitizer and water solution from the hose and waited a few moments. Can’t test with bubbles as that will skew the reading.

I tested the water, emptied the bucket in the sink and picked up my clipboard.

My heart stopped.

Where was the infra-red? What had I done with it? I looked in the sink, did I drop it there? No. I went back on the floor and checked but it was not there either. Went back into the department and stood there looking around.

Checked the garbage because well I have been known to throw something out that should not go in the garbage.

The girls even stopped what they were doing to help me.

I was in the cooler talking with one of the Produce employees when another came in and told me they found it.


I had put it back in its proper spot. I mean, why would I put it back where it was suppose to go?

I laughed at myself. I mean, seriously!

I am a little worried because lately I have been doing some weird things. Not too too worried though, because someone else said it was because there was just too much going on in my head.

As for the young lady who found it. Her name is Shelby. I kept calling her Sydney.

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