Untitled Dark Poem #13

I listen to you
speaking words 
waving your hands
intent on explaining
your way.
Turning truth to its side
slipping lies 
like illegal drugs
into my drink 
(my ears)
making me more pliable.
Each mundane word 
tricked out 
in fancy dress
raining down 
numbing my senses.
blah .....
blah .....
eyes glazed over
heart stuttering to a stop
unable to care 
unable to summon the strength 
the resolve
to move from your side.
My eyes
show nothing 
you removed emotion
with precision
turning me once more
into a broken doll
upon your arm.
A pretty girl
with no will
lost in a nightmare
with no knight 
in sight 
to save me.

©March 12/23
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