Day Light Savings Time-A Decision Must be made

I hate the time switch. Unless I am gaining an hour but when I lose that hour it puts my next two days out of whack.

This morning it took me forever to get out of bed. I do not recall the alarm going off at 4 but did wake up shortly after when K messaged me. I was a little perplexed as to why my alarm did not go off. Figured I was tired so I turned it off.

Reset alarm to 5. Shortly after 5 I receive another text, which wakens me, not my alarm.

Reset alarm to 6:15.

Was up shortly before that. Checked my phone and it turns out that I had turned the sound off, which explains the not hearing my alarm.

Turned phone up. Do not want that mistake tomorrow.

At work my day sped by and yet I felt behind.

I still feel behind. Not sure why.

But this time change this is to blame for the rest of it. For my headache I had at work. For feeling discombobulated and unmoored. For not being able to get up in the morning.

It is time. (HA HA Pun was not intended but hey…..)

A choice really does need to be made. Either one or the other, Daylight Savings which I am down with as I don’t mind extra sunlight in the evening, is I do believe the one everyone is wanting.

Just waiting on the US to decide before Canada will change theirs.

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