Some People πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

Tuesday morning when I arrived at work, I sat in the car and cried. I did not want to go in. I really wanted to turn around and come home. Curl up under the covers and sleep.

I could not do so, so I dried my eyes, locked the car and walked into the store.

I went to grab my banana and most were a brilliant green, while beautiful, completely inedible. I let my eyes wander over the counter and finally found one that while a tad bit too yellow for my liking, I could still get it down.

Paid for my banana, clocked in and headed down to my till to drop off my water bottle and banana.

I am not paying attention until I am almost standing right in the till.

I began to bawl even harder.

How she knew that I needed a small kindness I will never know.

That is my typical morning breakfast.

And her words made my day.

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