I hate writing about myself. I am so boring. A mom first and foremost. A writer. A reader. I work to live not live to work. Took me a long time to figure that out but am so happy that I have. Makes life so much easier.

I have written all my life. I have stories I wrote in elementary school.  I use my poetry to tell stories and at times to help me to make sense of the world around me and the emotions that I find can be overwhelming.

I hate injustice. I hate reading about abuse of power. I hate……..strong words my mom taught me when I was younger……you never really hate you strongly dislike……no in these things as in all things that strip away rights/liberties/life I could go on I hate.

I love life. I love the world around me. There is so much beauty and goodness if only you chose to see it. I refuse to be morose and fretful over things I have no control over. What is the point?

Back in 2018 when in counselling my counselor told me that if I was able to accept that life is imperfect and I have no idea what is coming that all I could do was control how I reacted things would be easier to deal with…..less overwhelming. It takes a bit of practice I will admit but I can say quite successfully that I no longer have all da reins in hand. Only one of Tember’s wrapped loosely around my wrist as he begins to gather his own in preparation for his own life.

Life should not be about existence. Life should not be lived counting hours/days/years until the next planned thing rolls around. Life should be lived seeing the truth in front of you….the beauty…..the innocence…..I know simplistic but let me tell you a simplified view of life allows me more to time revel in the goodness to love and live and to dance in the sunshine or moonlight…….whichever way the mood takes me.

If you made it all the way down here there are several things you can take away from this about page: I babble when I write just as I do in life when I am talking. I rarely know these days what comes out of my fingers. There are times I read and am just as surprised as my audience. I love to laugh. I cry a lot. (Empath or overly-sensitive you decide) I am a mom who has the best son in her universe (so as not to dis all the other best sons out there and there are a lot of them).

I am me.

I am Jay-lyn.

Pleased to meet you and welcome to the insanity and oddity of my life and writing.

June 6/20

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10 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you. I must go back and re-read. I always find it hard to write about myself. I mean I am boring single mom lol not that interesting. However then I receive a comment like yours that makes me rethink my view of myself. As an ever evolving woman I appreciate that. You are the one who finally makes me think (in this regards) maybe there is something to what people say about me. The nice things at least. 🤣🤣🤣🤣Thank you again and thank you for stopping by.

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