Let The Holiday Loafing Begin

I slept until 5:30 this morning. Before waking up. At least it wasn’t 4.

Yesterday I spent the few hours after arriving home rearranging the living room again. I had had it so the couch was against the window but the curtains did not fall right and I need to put the heat on. While the temp is 3 C outside it is about 8 in here so I need to increase the heat.

I also had an hour nap from 3-4:25 p.m. yesterday afternoon because I could. I did not have to go to bed early.

Today I decided to go and do the grocery shop so that I could come home change into shorts and curl up on the couch. Peruse my emails and get caught up on all the writers I follow. Before that though I was watching Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers on Disney+. I was and still am really enjoying it.

I left for the store around 7:50. Although my idea of wearing my sandals was quickly dashed as the cold rain pelted my bare toes. I ran back into the house to get my runners on. I did not put on another jacket as I refuse to wear one. It is May 20th after all. I should be out in shorts.

I wandered the store carefully trying to determine what I needed. T is here next week so I need lunch items. Dinner items. I myself am trying to eat healthier so more fresh veggies for salads. I made a large one the other night and had two days worth. Also I have been craving steak lately and so once more I picked a fresh cut one from our fresh meat counter. Top Sirloin. It looks fabulous to say the least.

As I was walking through the produce department my notification for emails went off. I was a little confused because it was too early for some of them. Yes I know what time I receive specific emails at. This way anything else I know I need to check right away. It was an email from my lawyer.

I opened it up and discovered that it was my divorce decree. My divorce is now final. As of May 14th. I began to giggle like a demented elf standing between the onions and whatnot on one side of me and all the citrus on the other side. My lawyer is going to get me my divorce certificate for me at the end of the month. The divorce decree is when the judge signed the papers. The actual certificate will have the final date that it went through. This is needed to prove that a divorce was obtained. The Ex requires it to get my name removed from the land title and the mortgage.

For a brief moment the bitch in me rose up and thought it would be funny to post the news on Facebook for the ex to find out. However in the end I was an adult about it.

Like I said I was an adult about it.


May 20/21

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Holidays Needed

I am very aware that my holidays cannot come fast enough. 10 days off.

10 whole days to read and chill. Decompress from the influx of other people’s energy. Purge myself of the need to slap a bitch or punch a prick for being an ass.

Yesterday was not a bad day for customers. No one made my eyes blink rapidly by asking stupid questions. I know we say there is no such thing as a stupid question but I may have found it.

Now Tuesday I had a string.

Customer #1 never listens to me when I speak to her. Ever. So once again when I asked if I could bag her groceries she snarled that she had her own bag. I stopped running her groceries through until she stopped and looked at me. I repeated my question and again she snarled that she was perfectly capable of bagging her groceries.

Me: i am sure you are capable of bagging your own groceries however it is a part of my job. One I enjoy doing.

She did not speak another word to me. Not even when I smiled and wished her a good day. I have to assume that she will actively avoid me when I am in till.

Customer #2 knew my job better than I did. While I was explaining that it was best to sign lotto tickets before leaving home, she shrugged and indicated it was only $5. I said if it was bigger it would be her loss. She informed me if it was bigger she would not be coming to store.

Then omg I accidentally scanned 6 instead of only 5 Crossword tickets and she snarled at me.

Maybe it is me causing the snarling. Maybe it is me with the problem? Am I the toxic one?

When she goes to pay she hands me her Air Miles card. I explained that you could not earn Air Miles on lottery. Which is when she took me to task for not taking it.

C: They swipe my card at Safeway in the city and I earn Air Miles.

Me: Ma’am you would be purchasing other items then.

C: No I get points.

Me: You can tap or insert your card when you are ready.

Inside my head the inner Jay bitch is rearing her head. She wants to take on the beady eyed little snot in front of her but CS Jay who can make you feel an idiot with a tone has risen to the occasion.

Me: Thank you and you have yourself a fabulous day.

That was with a smile on my lips. Here is what the tone expressed that I could not.

Raging Jay in head: Would you like to see the Air Miles policy? I have one here and I am pretty sure that I know their policies better then you, you stupid little troll of a woman. Do you live under a bridge?

Three hours are all I am working today. 10 a.m. I am clocking out and not looking back. I need cat food and am getting that before I head home. I need a small grocery shop but I am going to use Curbside tomorrow.

Three hours. I can so do that standing on my head.

©May 19/22


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