Night Fright

I quite enjoy being scared.
The feeling of something is going to happen but you are not sure what.
Pulling your knees into your chest, eyes glued to the t.v. set as some witless and unknowing female character is creeping quietly on tip toe, panting with short breaths. Eyes wild she slips through the shadows.
The door in sight and your heart races.
Almost there just a few more steps.
Now leaning forward, breathing heavily through your nose, fists clenched, cheering the character on and Bang!
Cue wild screams of terror.
I have even felt these chills reading.
To the point where I have put aside what I was reading to pick up again the next day under the light of the sun.
I do love to be scared.
What I do not love is the fact that I have imagined something and now scare the crap out of myself on a regular basis.
One night as I lay in bed waiting for T to get dropped off I was dozing.
Music was playing softly from my phone as I drifted in and out.
Starting when the cats jumped on the bed.
Given that I am dozing I do not have my glasses on.
I hear a noise and thinking it was T lifted my head to call out.
Standing next to the hall closet is a little boy.
Slipping in and out of the shadows.
My heart racing, I started and grabbed my glasses.
Turns out that the play of light from the light over the stove and the re-useable grocery bags hanging on the knob of the hall closet combined with my fuzzy sight created a little boy standing in the shadows.
The bags have been removed from the handle.
The cat water bowl has an led light which lights up the bowl and is suppose to draw the cats to drink from it.
Which is great until you see the shadow of a cat slinking along the ground and it freaks you out.
Not having 20/20 vision plays a huge factor in this.
To date my scariest continues to occur every so often.
Always right before I go to bed.
With the lights on thank goodness because if I were to see this in the dark I would be a jibber jabbering fool.
Laying in bed one night I was playing Clockmaker on my phone.
In the dark obviously as it was bedtime and I was trying to unwind.
For those of you who say put the phone down this is actually really soothing.
Usually within 15 minutes of climbing into bed I am out like a light.
That aside Lucky was laying next to me purring as I played when I needed to turn the bedside light on.
When I did right next to my face was the face of a ghoul.
I think that is what you would call him.
Gave me quite the start that is for sure.
I have actually seen him a couple of times.
And each time my heart does a little start and resumes to normal.
I get more a sense of curiosity rather then menace.
I have created my very own ghoulish bodyguard.
With him around I don’t have to worry about intruders.
Meeting with him coming up the stairs would not a pretty scene make.
©Oct. 23/21
Picture via Pinterest

I am Embarrassed

This week has not been a good week.
There have been a few things that I have been mulling over and I needed to get the anger levels down before I wrote about the situation.
This post is not about that though.
Yesterday though.
I met the threshold.
There was no more that I was able to take.
It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
I have to put air in my tires and often.
So yesterday I left early to go over and put air in.
Especially the rear driver’s side.
It was low.
Drive over and the air hose is not there.
In I go.
I ask about the air hose and the girl behind the counter said I had to wait for the gas attendant to push the hose through the hole in the wall.
Okay no problem so off I go.
After waiting a few moments I went back to the front to see how many vehicles he had to fill.
And out comes another worker.
Her: I am sorry but the girl behind the counter did not know. You can’t get air because it is too cold out for the hose. It might crack.
I think I blinked several times trying to process this.
Me: All you need to do is push the hose through the hole.
Her: It is too cold the hose might crack.
It was -3 C.
Not cold by any means.
Me: Are you fucking kidding me? Are you telling me that I cannot get air? You push the hose through the hole and when I am done I push it back through so it will not crack.
Her eyes got very big.
Her: No no you just have to wait for the attendant.
I may have heard her wrong.
I admit that but I could not go any further.
I needed air and the last time it had been blocked off by a huge truck.
I phoned work to say I might be late.
As I am walking back I see the hose come shooting out the hole.
Spewing air or whatever it is that is in it.
I filled my tires and drove away.
Once the irritation at the inconvenience I had dealt with passed the guilt hit me.
I knew that I should not have sworn.
That is not who I am.
Or rather I try not to be that person.
It gnawed at me a bit.
Then a bit more.
I knew I had to apologize but I was beyond embarrassed by my behaviour.
And I was worried that if I went in she might be scared that I was there to be mean again.
As I sat here this morning more and more I knew I had to apologize.
And I looked out and saw the same car that had been there early in the morning yesterday.
And I had gone in earlier so it was the same girl I had snarled at.
I hemmed.
I hawed.
I decided to write a note.
I wrote that I was unsure if she was the young lady who was working Thursday morning.
That I was the woman who had sworn while talking to her.
That I wanted to apologize.
No excuses.
That I was embarrassed by my behaviour as that is not who I am.
And that again I was so sorry for how I acted.
I signed it Thank You. J.
When I went out I left it on the windshield of the car.
Under the wiper.
When I came home I was afraid that I was going to see it thrown to the ground.
But there was nothing there.
I am hoping that if it was not the right young woman that whomever does drive that car will pass it along.
Regardless of the stresses in my life I am not one to treat service people badly.
This time I did.
And I am not proud of myself at all.
©Oct. 22/21
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