How do I….

A friend asked me to Google ‘how do I….’ The following are the four answers I had.

How do I…..

A) Live

B) Love Thee

C) Live without you

D) Find my way home.

It is a country song in the making I tell you.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Prince Charming

When the ex says to you ‘I am no longer your Prince Charming’ and you are biting your lip to not say anything. He never was Prince Charming.

That is a sign of maturity right?

A Good Day

It strikes me as so odd;

I can tell varying degrees of how my mood has changed.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was oh so sad.

Medication bumped up by an extra 150 mg.

Wednesday I was able to discern that I was happier. Had a small blip on the happiness radar but I recovered.

Today is Thursday, and although I still want to hide away, selfishly taking an entire day as a me day (I am off) I am able to tell yet again, that my happiness level has risen and my sadness level has lowered.

It is going to be a good day.


****Photo via Internet Stephen Velez-From the movie Inside Out****

To Axe or not to Axe?

Wow so this is what I have to look forward to?

T is going to movies and doused himself in Axe.

My eyes are watering and the cats are hiding.

How long does this particular phase last?

He has no clue, I hollered just a tad, he came out and says to me but mom it was only a few squirts.

His few squirts means the entire block can smell him.

Relationship Goals


Relationship goals:

  1. Find a guy who makes me laugh.
  2. Find a guy who talks to me.
  3. Find a guy who listens.
  4. Find a guy who respects me.
  5. Find a guy who encourages me in my hobbies even when he does not understand them.
  6. Find a guy who encourages my passion(s).
  7. Find a guy who when I impose limits; accepts them without arguing.
  8. Find a guy who will hug me when I am sad.
  9. Find a guy who will celebrate my successes and failures. (Failures lead to future successes)
  10. Find a guy who will hold me while I ugly cry, barf into a bucket, or any other issue that makes me feel like shit.

These are my goals. Not for everyone I know. And really folks I used the term guy because I like men. These rules can apply every which way. (Except children and animals but that really should not need to be stated.)

This is a pretty steep set of goals a man must face if he wants to move beyond the friend zone with me. However I know what my worth is now. After years of setting my wants and needs to the side, I now realize where I stand.

And if my frog never arrives to be kissed, reverting to said Prince status, I will still live my life to the fullest, inspired and loved by those who do find their way into this story of mine.


Cupid’s Loss

‘I think that I am just about done with those two,’ Cupid blew the dark curls from her eyes. ‘I shot them centuries ago with the most powerful love potion ever created. They love one another deeply.’

‘Maybe the arrow was defective? Or the potion itself?’ I suggested, pouring her a cup of thick black coffee.

‘My arrows are never defective.’ she glared at the couple again. ‘They are just two of the most stubborn individuals on the face of this whole planet.’

‘How many more times before you accept defeat?’

‘Never. They are my parents, that is how I know they love each other deeply.’