When A…..

Woman knows a little bit of a lot of things she becomes dangerous.

Not to herself but to the people trying to play games with her.

Beware the woman who smiles pleasantly and bends over backwards to acommodate you.

Don’t fuck with her on that tightrope because you will lose.

Aren’t We All

I was reading an article that used the words illegal to describe people crossing the border without paperwork.

Which got my little brain working.

Aren’t we all illegals?

Borders were not a thing until the white man defined them.

White people were not invited to come over. They just came.


To find better in life.

To be themselves.

To break a new frontier.

Whatever it was, they did not have to proper documentation to be here.

It is interesting to me the words that are used to describe both the past and the present.

The white man came to colonize.

Vast majority of those first settlers left due to religious persecution. They feared death. They feared their neighbors. They feared those in power. So they fled across the ocean to a new land. To make their way.

The illegals though that is different. Their problems are not the problems of anyone else. So why should they be given assistance?

They are fleeing persecution. They are in fear for their lives. They want better for their children. They want to have the chance to bask in the white man’s sun.

Which is absolutely ridiculous. The sun belongs to everyone not just white people. And I believe the only reason that some country has not claimed it is because no one has been able to plant a flag upon its fiery surface.

But they, these illegals, should be afforded the same dignity. Given the assistance to make a better way and contribute to the society they are merging with. Like the Indigenous did with those first settlers. They should not be made to feel like they are less then because they are searching for a better life. They should not have their lives destroyed or taken because they are looking for that silver lining.

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