My Picasso

T brought both of these home and for the life of him cannot figure out why I am so proud of him.

T: Mom it is no big deal. 30 kids did the same thing. Just followed what the reacher told me do.

Me: I do not care 30 other kids made same thing. This shows you have talent and I am very proud of what you have done. Of course I want to show them off.

I need a frame for the second one.

There was Laughter

T and I alternate nights of cooking and clean up when he is here.

He cooks, I clean up. And vise versa.

Last night was T’s night to cook and neither of us could really decide and given we had no salad materials, it really knocked a few options out of the running. Left with a choice between spaghetti or Hamburger Helper, we went the way of Hamburger Helper as we did not have enough spaghetti sauce.

This was T’s first time making it.

I was sitting on the couch and I could hear the water boiling when T mentioned that he thought that he had put too much water in. I said to him that it was okay, turn the heat down to simmer and let it go for another 10 minutes.

T: But mom I have to add the milk and pasta yet.

Me: Okay, add them in. And stir. Turn heat down.

T: I am waiting for the water to dissolve.

I tried, I tried so so hard not to laugh.

I failed miserably and though I tried to hide it I could not stop the snorting.

Instructions on the box: Brown meat. Drain off fat. Add in seasoning and 2 cups of water. Stir until dissolved.

Eventually T admitted that he too found it funny.

Not as funny as I have found it and I plan to remember this one for his kids when he has them.

Waiting for the water to dissolve. LOL LOL LOL

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