Do I miss him?

Maybe a little.

T left for his dad’s Monday morning. He will not return to me until Aug. 28th. Day before my birthday.

It has been quiet without him here. I have caught myself a couple of times about to call something out to him.

On the upside though, less dishes to wash. So much easier to keep a tidy house when you do not have a giant galoot roaming around. However there is only me to do the chores.

When he comes home we have a full week together and then he starts high school after the long weekend. I am more nervous than he is I know that much. And poor boy has teachers and guidance counsellors that shop with us. He will not be able to get away with anything. Not that I really am worried, I am pretty confident that he is a good kid.

I did eat two extra pieces of his cake leaving him with one slice to share with his buddy. Ice cream cake. Cookies and Cream. To die for. Chocolate. And I love me some chocolate.

August 12/22

Supper Mom?

T was suppose to make dinner for me this evening. When I got home he was eating beefaroni. Or some such thing. So instead of having made dinner he chose to make himself a ‘snack.’

I let loose with a bit of sarcasm that T took to be the truth. After I screeched at him he came out and made dinner. Spaghetti. Well the first burner ended up with spaghetti in it and began smoking. The back burner also smoking. We finally struck upon the front right burner was working.

Frist though was waiting for the water to boil. Little bubbles begin to form so T thinks that now he can throw the spaghetti in. I get up and go over to look. It was not a roiling boil. We both started laughing as he attempted to say roiling boil 5x fast. It is very hard to do.

We set the timer for 8 minutes and he waited. And waited. When the timer went off he wanted to know if he could throw it against the wall to check it. And it stuck. The kid made good spaghetti in the first try. He did forget about the sauce but that was quickly remedied.

Bringing the bowl to me it only filled a quarter of the way. I asked for a little bit more and was informed that I was very needy.

It was a good dinner and T has added another item to his cooking repertoire with which to wow friends and his father. 🙂

©Oct. 13/21

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