Not My Problem

Did the title throw you for a loop? 🤷🤷🤷 I mean when have I ever said that it is not my problem? If anything I make it all my problem but not this time.
T’s dad has a new girlfriend who has been staying at his place overnight on occasion and last night was some such night. He wanted T to stay the night there instead of him coming home last night.
It was an interesting conversation.
T: Mom dad wants me to stay there tonight.
Me (biting my tongue from what I really wanted to say): Ok that’s fine.
T (surprised): What? You are not going to throw one of your hissy fits?
Me: No. You are telling me now not dropping this on me at 9 p.m. I appreciate that. So it is not a big deal.
T: Oh ok.
Did I want to rant and rail? Damn rights I did however truth is it is his dad’s week. And I suppose eventually T is going to be old enough that he could stay at his dad’s overnight alone. I am not ready for it but also know it is a step that is coming. Maybe not quite yet though.
T (musing): I wonder if L is going to be able to wake me?
Me: Well she has boys so I am sure she will have no difficulty getting you up.
T: Mom they do not know how I sleep.
T: I bet I am going to miss the bus. I know I am.
Me: Not my problem.
T (laughing): No it won’t be.
T: I hope that dad has stuff for me to make lunch.
Me: Would he not?
T: I don’t know.
Me: Not my problem.
T: I know but what if he doesn’t?
Me: Just so you know I am in a till all day tomorrow so  I cannot run and bring you anything. My lunch and breaks are scheduled for me.
T: Oh ok.
Me: You may decide that you don’t want to spend the night at your dad’s during the school week.
T: Maybe not. We will see how it goes tomorrow.
And then he was gone. Out the door with an I love you and a kiss. I won’t see him now until Sunday night.
Does a part of me hope that this situation goes awry? 😁😁😁😁  I would be lying if I did not. However there is no denying that I am loving sitting here enjoying my coffee ☕☕☕☕ writing my post without having to watch the time. I do not have to go wake him three or four or a hundred times before he snarls his way free of the blankets. My quiet time will be quiet time today.
T also informed me that his dad is planning to meet the new gf’s father. He does not like rock and roll nor swearing. Both of which T’s dad has in spades. He has speakers and stereo to beat a live band in his shop. Swearing is second nature to this man. So after explaining this all to him T looks at his dad and asks: When do I get to meet this new dad of mine?  🤣🤣🤣🤣
I love my boy.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone.
©Sept. 24/21
Picture is my own

Under Construction

I am sure that I have mentioned that our store is undergoing a massive renovation. Store is expanding. Departments are moving. It is an exciting time for all. And the fact that I roam the store shopping for curbside I am the person everyone turns to now when they are in need of assistance.

Once we are done it will be amazing. New tills. I am ever so hopeful for the tills we have are as old as the earth. Falling apart. I keep threatening to blow them all up that is how annoying they are. And I know how to do it having once been the one who did all the fixing of the tills as supervisor.

To start our deli and bakery have made their way into their new homes. Tuesday our bakery was shut down while they moved everything over and got it all set up. Yesterday they did a massive production amount due to the closure Tuesday so for the morning and early afternoon I was in there packaging up buns. I was a bun packaging fool. Hot dog/hamburger/dinner/kaiser/tray buns. I bagged them all. And donuts! I packaged up six packs of donuts.

Had put the hotdog buns in incorrectly and when the young lady I was working with pointed it out to me I told her to leave them and I would correct my error. She says to me ‘oh I like that you are responsible.’ I looked at her with my eyebrow raised and said ‘I am 49 I think I can correct my mistakes.’

This same young lady came through my curbside area as the bakery runs off from it. I had my water bottle there and was taking a drink when she says to me: ‘Oh this is a good place to hide your water. I never thought of that.’ Me turning to her: ‘This is my curbside area. My workspace. I have my bottle of water out I am not hiding anything.’

I laughed it off sort of but as you can tell it niggled a little bit at me. However she works bakery and each department is a little mini-kingdom unto itself so I get it. But when I am old enough to be your mother’s mom please do not put on a ‘I know more than you’ attitude.

If you look closely (not that you want to) at two of the pics there I am hairnetted and gloved with my tongue sticking out (on my mask lol) packaging away. K was taking the pictures so I am sure that she did this on purpose.

Sept. 23/21 Pictures via Facebook Steinbach Sobeys Facebook Page Header picture via Pinterest